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24/7 End-to-End Monitoring

your power plant  Annual production performance by "7/24 Instant Tracking"  the best  we level up.  We ensure that a much higher amount of electricity is obtained from your facility throughout the year.  Would you like to make higher production in your facility with our artificial intelligence software?

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How Do We Increase Your Plant Efficiency?

Our service includes generating alarm codes in accordance with the example situations listed below and sharing these alarms instantly with the investor or other interested parties, instant detection of faults, rapid response to faults and maximizing plant performance.

  • Stopping of Production at the Plant

  • Exceeding the Instantaneous Power Limit

  • Opening the Plant Inlet Cell Breaker

  • Inverter Power Drop to Zero

  • Failure to Communicate with Inverter

  • Low Production in Any Inverter Based Array

  • Failure to Communicate with the Switchboard

  • Mains Voltage Drop to Zero

  • Mains Voltage Falling Below Nominal Value

  • Mains Voltage Over Rated Value

  • Detecting Mains Voltage Surge etc.

Our services

Today, due to the efforts to monitor the power plants with “bulky automation systems” using old technologies or “completely manually”, investors experience serious loss of production and thus profits in their power plants.

In order to prevent production losses in the power plants and to ensure the continuity of production, you can easily include all kinds of Renewable Power Plants in the system by using minimum manpower, thanks to real-time monitoring, instant failure tracking and detailed analysis. You can increase rates .

Instant Performance Tracking

Analysis And Reporting

Real-Time Fault Tracking and Alarms

Flexible Action Definitions

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Instant Performance Tracking

The real-time data received from the power plants are continuously analyzed by the system, and the detection of possible efficiency decreases or malfunctions is realized instantly. We constantly analyze large amounts of data received from the plant, including radiation data and weather conditions, using state-of-the-art algorithms. In this way, a loss due to clouding, for example, and a loss due to inverter failure can be distinguished by the system and only purposeful accurate determinations are made.

Analysis and Reporting

Although instant monitoring and intervention play a leading role in efficiency, it is inevitable that every investor needs analysis and reports. By using the large amount of data we receive from the power plants, it can present a large number of reports from summary reports to extremely detailed production/consumption reports instantly, daily or monthly if you wish. With these analyzes and reports, you can easily track, examine or account for the current and past performance of your investments.

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Flexible Action Definitions

Immediate detection of a situation can be considered the most important step in the monitoring process. Actions after detection, on the other hand, make it possible to intervene quickly and accurately as a complementary element.  Our platform has a flexible process identification system where different actions can be included for all alarms. For example, in the event of an inverter failure, you can send an SMS to a certain team, notify the investor by e-mail, or automatically open a record in the work order management system of the manager of the management company.

Real-Time Fault Tracking and Alarms

In addition to receiving data from power plants using the IEC 104 protocol, our system can also work in harmony with all DataLoggers commonly used in the market. As a result of this 24/7 data flow, our servers analyze huge amounts of data, make sense of it and control it using defined alarms within seconds. Investors can use any of the existing alarm definitions as well as define and use their own alarm definitions through the system. Thanks to this feature, which offers an unlimited variety of monitoring opportunities for every investor, you will always be sure that your investments are managed in the best way.

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