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Work With Us!

Applications open to the general public are collected regularly within our company.

We would be very pleased to meet our candidate colleagues who are enthusiastic, inquisitive, prone to teamwork, have a high interest in new techniques and technologies, and want to serve humanity in an energy system based on clean and renewable energy.

Monitoring and Operations Assistant Specialist (İOUY)

Responsible for assisting the Monitoring and Operations Specialist during the execution of all monitoring and monitoring-related online and offline operations.

Notifying the necessary regulations for the improvement of the software, taking the necessary measures to maximize customer satisfaction, providing information and reporting to the investors in order to increase the performance of the monitored power plants, and improving the processes in accordance with our guarantee conditions are among the main duties.

İzleme Odası

Customer Service Specialist. Assist.

Responsible for assisting the customer service specialist in the services provided.

In this respect, it is among the basic duties to provide feedback and take necessary actions in accordance with the targets determined by the management, to carry out the necessary activities to ensure that the service provided is best understood by the customers, and to provide the necessary feedback in case of disruptions caused by the software and monitoring operation.

Customer Service

Technical Service and Maintenance Assistant Specialist  (TSY)

It is responsible for assisting the specialist in all operations to be carried out by the technical service and maintenance specialist.

It is one of the basic duties of team planning, machinery-equipment planning required for emergency interventions and taking quick measures, and carrying out all the necessary works to ensure customer satisfaction. Proper use of all tools and equipment to be used while performing these duties is under his own responsibility.

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